Current Activities

Interaction with other Associations

DDC has participated in the 2018 EFMC (European Federation of Medicinal Chemistry) conference.

SASAI (Shared Audit and Supplier Assessment Initiative):

A consortium to audit key suppliers common for European countries with the aim of sharing/reducing costs/effort to obtain adequate audit information. The DDC is taking part in a proof-of-concept business plan together with the Radiopharmacy Committee and additional working group members. The business plan is to be evaluated and approved by the EANM Board during the course of 2019 .

Interaction with other Committees

Strong interactions with the Radiopharmacy and the Translational Molecular Imaging & Therapy Committees are ongoing.

Upcoming meetings

The DDC is involved in two CME courses and 2 joint symposia for the EANM’19 Annual Congress in Barcelona.


The DDC is working on producing a guideline for molar activity/specific activity which may be of interest to the EANM community

Communication, outreach and recruitment

Two new members of the DDC have been recruited Dr. Yann Seimbille and Dr. Gert Luurtsema.

The DDC is present on Linkedin and Facebook